Prof. Dr. Mete Düren has been elected as President of the Turkish Endocrine Surgical Society for the term 2008-2010.

•  Prof. Dr. Mete Düren will give a conference entitled “Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment Indications for Multinodular Goiter” on 29 May 2008 at 15:20, at the Turkish National Surgery Congress to be held between 28-31 may 2008.

•  Thyroid and parathyroid operations which will be carried out by Prof. Dr. Mete Düren at Istanbul German Hospital (Alman Hastanesi) on 22 March 2008, will be broadcast live to participants of a symposium organized by the Ethicon Endo-Surgery firm, and will be followed by a conference by Prof. Dr. Mete Düren entitled “Harmonic Technology in Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery”.

•  Prof. Dr. Mete Düren will give a conference entitled “Basedow-Graves and Surgical Treatment of Nodular Hyperthyroid” at the 20th. National Nuclear Medicine and 8th. International Nuclear Oncology Congress, to be held at the Istanbul Harbiye Military Museum and Cultural Complex between 27-30 April 2008.

•  Prof. Dr. Mete Düren will give a video presentation entitled “Minimal Access Thyroidectomy” on 1 September 2007 at 13:00, at the European Surgical Academy meeting ( ) to be held in Istanbul between 1-3 September 2007.

•  The 3rd. Minimally Invasive Endocrine Surgery Symposium with International Participation, of which Prof. Dr. Mete Düren is Congress Secretary, will be held in Istanbul between 19-20 October 2007 ( ). During this symposium, a live surgery will be broadcast from the Istanbul German Hospital (Alman Hastanesi) Center, which will give participants an interactive experience.


The Harmonic Scalpel, which puts an end to the use of scalpels, scissors, clamps, thread and knots and enables thyroid surgeries to be carried out through a small incision using ultrasonic waves, is a revolution in technological terms.

Besides starting to routinely use the harmonic scalpel, we desired to provide an educational facility to colleagues interested in learning more about this method.

With this aim in mind, Prof. Dr. Mete Düren – Istanbul Alman Hastanesi, has been designated a Thyroid Surgery “Center of Excellence” by the “Ethicon Endo-Surgery” firm and has now joined the ‘Prof. Rocco Bellantone, Rome-Italy', ‘Prof. Paolo Miccoli, Pisa-Italy', and ‘Prof. Thierry Defechereux, Liege-Belgium' Thyroid Surgery “Centers of Excellence” in Europe. Our introductory educational seminars aimed at training interested colleagues in this technique have now started.

•  A course on “Innovations in Thyroid Surgery – Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery” will be held at the Istanbul Surgery Hospital and MIM Hotel between 2-3 June 2006, with Prof. Paolo Miccoli (Pisa-Italy) and Prof. Dr. Mete Düren participating as guest speakers ( ).

Prof. Orlo Clark, Director of Endocrine Surgery at California University San Francisco Mt. Zion , will be in Istanbul between 1-6 October 2005, as a guest of Prof. Dr. Mete Düren, to provide consultation sessions, seminars and lectures.





[15 – Safe and effective revision cancer surgery
An international panel composed of general/endocrine surgeons as well as otolaryngologist head and neck surgeons will discuss practical tips and surgical techniques that optimize the effective removal of persistent or recurrent disease while minimizing complications. Neural and parathyroid preservation will be emphasized as will the preoperative radiographic identification and localization of disease.